Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twitter And My Blog - World Music Boston

I can immediately envision this service as an effective aide in soliciting constructive feedback, while my very new blog is in its initial design stages. The more advice I can get, the better. My friends and family have been absolutely great so far in this realm, so why not enhance communications a bit with this nifty little tool. This way I can communicate my progress to the audience I choose and they will know exactly what issues I am currently dealing with. Now, they can provide their input, if they so desire, in a timely manner. No more hassles trying to remember who I should ask for advice or finding the time to communicate with them. All I have to do is post my progress and/or concerns and let all that valuable support come to me automatically on its own. Here is my Twitter account profile which is currently public, but that will soon change.

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