Saturday, November 1, 2008

LibraryThing - Columbo (Scary Enough For Me!)

O.K., I admit it. I am not into scary literature at all, but I do enjoy a good murder mystery every once and awhile. I found the Columbo episodes on television entertaining, so I thought it might be fun and interesting to experience a book version of this series. Obviously, the most endearing facet of this character is his quirky, humorous personality.

I joined up with LibraryThing to see if it would aid me in achieving my goal to read more books on spirituality. The most attractive features that this social network has to offer me are: formats for personalized lists of books I wish to read, access to reviews (both by professionals and other network members), and membership opportunities in discussion groups of readers with interests similar to mine. With a list of yet unread books to serve as a constant reminder for me to keep-up on my reading and access to the opinions of others as to the usefulness of various titles, I should be able to stay on track, while making my reading selections more efficiently.

I think this type of networking tool speaks extremely well for itself as an asset to any library catalog and could be further applied equally well in this setting with respect to non-book formats also! Some quick examples are Peerflix for DVD movies and for music cds and videos. Of course, further research would be required in order to determine the best candidates for integration with the standard library catalog.

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