Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Microblogging In The Library Environment

Of course, there are many types of information that can be communicated quite effectively through microblogging not only with respect to patrons, but library staff as well. In addition to implementing RSS feeds, with this avenue of communication, I could update patron's less formally and more selectively on music cd purchases which I've made for the collection. I really like the fact that you can embed audio into your posts, a feature that would greatly enhance my messages in this particular setting. The library could use this tool to issue updates to both staff and patrons regarding new library services and web site design features. Valuable feed back could then be used to improve upon the original design of such enhancements before they are actually implemented.

Library staff would also benefit from access to this form of communication, amongst themselves, not only from within their own library walls, but also from within the library community at large on a local, national or even world-wide basis. Both information-sharing and problem-solving activities naturally lend themselves to this type of web environment. For example, I can tell you that here in the cataloging department at the BPL, we could sure use all the advice we could get on how to obtain quality service from outsourcing agencies. Hey, what about those reference stumpers? I, myself, am not engaged in public service, but I'm sure my colleagues could use some assistance with those. I could go on and on here, but you get the picture.

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