Sunday, November 23, 2008

Live Music Archive - World Music (?)

I was really anxious to search this archive for world music concerts given in the Boston area. It was hoped that I would be provided with some real gems to post in my blog, however, I was ultimately rather disappointed with my search results. It appears that there is but a limited amount of concert material with respect to this genre and that locating it is quite a chore. While keyword searching is available, it isn't very effective. This is due largely to the fact that while there may be descriptive terms provided for some entries, it is an optional feature and therefore not included in all of them. It would be extremely beneficial if they could categorize their entries by genre. Happily though, all is not lost and I did manage to find these nice samplings of world fusion by famed Arabic artist Ostad Manoochehr Sadeghi and his Ostad Manoochehr Sadeghi Ensemble. Perhaps, with a little further digging and quite a lot of patience, I will be able to locate at least some valuable material for my readers. I would also point out that over-all musically, this site has great content, in spite of its searching limitations. I fully intend to visit on occasion with respect to all types of music, just for my own listening pleasure.

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