Wednesday, October 29, 2008

YouTube - Library Orientation Tour

This video tour of an academic library was created as an orientation tool for new students.

Renne Library (Montana State University)

Even though they used a series of stills instead of actual live footage, I think that they get their message across very effectively, as the presentation is both clear and informative. I also appreciate their thoroughness in communicating not only where students can find various types of information and services, but also where all the various seating areas in the library are located and the type of study environment offered by each.

I think that we could definitely use a video of this nature on our web site. Many of the patrons I encounter at the Info Desk seem so overwhelmed by the size and complexity of the central library. If they could have access to this type of an introduction to our facilities before they come in the door, just think of how much more manageable and enjoyable their library experience would be! This type of communication would also be useful as a library promotion tool, informing the public of just all we have to offer.

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