Saturday, October 25, 2008

RSS - New Aquisitions

I am really delighted to see that libraries are already using this feature to keep patrons informed of new additions to their collections. As a team selector of music cds for the BPL, I have always wished that we had some way of keeping our users up-to-date and well aware of our new purchases. So, when I came upon the MIT catalog and saw what they were offering in the way of just such a service, I promptly subscribed to their RSS feed for newly purchased music cds. Even though I can't check them out myself, I now have the opportunity to experience this service through the eyes of a patron via Google Reader!

As you can see, their RSS subscription page for new acquisitions is all nicely broken down by subject category to accommodate individual user's interests. Another feature of their's which I really like is the added option of recieving updates by email for those who do not have or wish to use RSS feed readers. I would really like to see this service offered at the BPL. Imagine how much better our patrons would be served if all of our new titles of interest came to them automatically in a nice neat little list, available by the simple click of a mouse! They would also be constantly reminded of all the wonderful materials we have to offer and thus further encouraged to borrow them more often. I would also like to see, as an added feature, links from each title to reviews and in the case of a-v materials sound or video clips as well.

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Clayton said...

I love the idea of BPL getting a feed for new items. I was just talking this morning with someone who's trying to figure out how to use BPL to get the DVDs they want. Can you suggest any ways, beyond the "forthcoming" dvd's list that we can stay on top of our new acquisitions?