Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ratings/Reviews - QVC

I make some of my purchases via the TV home shopping channels. One in particular that I use is QVC which deals in quite a wide range of products. These folks can be quite good at times in convincing you that you really "can't live without" certain of their offerings! I have a particular weakness when it comes to those products that will save me time or make my life easier in some fashion or other. Therefore, I try not to buy anything without first checking out the customer reviews/ratings on their web site, which are made available for all merchandise which they sell. There have been quite a few instances when I have been thankfully detered away from making what would have probably been an unwise purchase, thanks to the advice of my fellow QVC consumers. (See my review for Spray-N-Grow micronutrient, posted by swati on 10/12/08)

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