Sunday, October 26, 2008

Setting Goals - 43 Things

The online to-do-list tools seem like a great idea, but my PDA works just fine for me and I am already quite familiar with finding efficient ways to get things done via advice from Internet web sites. The accomplishment of personal goals however, is definitely an area of my life which could see improvement. The idea of actually writing my goals down and sharing them with others seems like a promising venture. So, I've decided to try it for awhile and see what happens.

The 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days Project is one web site which is designed to assist one in reaching their goals. Their approach is particularly helpful for those who are seeking to "find themselves" at some stage of their life and need a considerable amount of assistance in doing so. At the onset, they ask the user to answer a set of probing philosophical questions designed for this purpose, most of which I have already answered for myself. Another drawback, for me personally, was the sense of overwhelment that washed over me as I tried to comprehend actually attempting to purposefully accomplish that many goals, no matter how much time I gave myself to do so! Hence, I opted to sign-up with 43 Things. The features offered here which I think will most help me to accomplish my goals include a personal profile page for listing goals and keeping track of progress made, availability of advice from others with similar goals, shared personal stories of successes and setbacks from fellow members, inspirational ideas for additional goal setting which are even searchable by subject, and a true sense of comradery and encouragement amongst the membership. There's even a membership section for providing advice to others as to how to keep this project from becoming a distraction rather than asset in your life.

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