Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Social Networking - Meetup Groups

This summer, I joined the Boston World Music Meetup Group . Meetup groups are a very popular form of social networking and are centered around interests in just about any topic imaginable. So far, members of this group have been invited to little gatherings at concerts or in smaller more intimate settings, such as nightclubs, with the basic purpose of, you guessed it, hearing new, very cool, and interesting world music by Boston artists. The additional benefits to me personally, aside from keeping up with the local performance scene, are hearing about other's listening experiences, their suggestions for new music to purchase, and opinions about what they like or not with respect to the various genres of world music. Of course, just the socializing itself is rewarding as you connect with those who share the same passion as yours. Because I am part of the selection team for world music compact discs at my library, the exposure to personal opinion gained through this social networking experience is of great value to me in this endeavor.

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